Fort Lauderdale Certified Public Accountant – Law firm tax planning and preparation

Thomas Jordan, P.A. offers a complete range of accounting and tax services for law firms

Law firms can face tricky issues when it comes to filing their taxes because of the nature of the legal industry and the ongoing imbalance between expenses and income. For both the firm and the individual partners, good tax planning is critical to maximize your income and improve cashflow. As a Certified Public Accounting firm focused on the legal industry, Thomas Jordan, P.A. offers tax planning and preparation services aimed at helping you make the right decisions and minimize your law firm’s overall tax liability.

Thomas Jordan, P.A. can improve your firm’s tax situation in several ways: First, we help plan for the year ahead and the year-end payment that your firm will have to make. By planning the right strategy in advance and looking at your options for tax deductions, you can minimize your tax payment. Second, we are experienced in designing compensation and benefit plans for law firms, which will affect the way your firm pays and files its taxes. Thirdly, we can provide in-depth analysis of your financial situation to provide a clear picture of your firm’s health, now and in the future.

Whether your firm is in the start-up stage or is well-established with numerous partners, Thomas Jordan, P.A. can develop solutions and long-term strategies for you. A carefully thought-out tax plan can reduce needlessly incurred taxes, and considering the size or complexity of your tax situation, there are many alternatives that can be identified and analyzed for a tax solution.

The accountants at Thomas Jordan, P.A. will base your tax structure on several factors that we closely consider, including:

  • Client intake measurements
  • The overall financial health of the firm
  • Prior years’ tax payments and past performance
  • Reasonable deductions
  • Record keeping accuracy and methods
  • Projected future earnings of the firm

Our accountants recommend firm tax structures to minimize taxes and administrative burdens. This allows Thomas Jordan, P.A. to effectively customize your tax plan and minimize your tax liability.